Customer Testimonials


Karen L. Munroe    Purchased a 2008 Hyundai     Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

In a nutshell, my 2000 Taurus failed inspection. After much though, I decided to have it fixed. Mike phoned asking me to keep the appointment to test drive the Hyundai.

Reluctantly, I came to Marc Motors. The end result- I drove away that day in the cutest car ever. mike and all the staff bent over backwards and more to help me secure the car.

Never in 40 years of being a car buyer have I been treated so well.

I love Mike, Aimee, Matt, and Marc Motors! Stop in- you won't regret it! Merry Xmas to me!

Karen Munroe


Elizabeth Stanhope Purchased a Nissan Versa Sales Person: Shane Fenderson

Dear Marc


Thank you for leaving me such a gracious voicemail today.  It's been wonderful doing business with you and your staff of kind and friendly individuals.  I want you to know that they have all been very patient with me and my right hand man, Roger, while I was cautiously preparing to buy a NEW vehicle for the first time in a very long, long time.   I just turned fifty, so it was about time!  I work very hard but makes a modest income, and I was so surprisingly pleased at everything your dealership did to allow me an affordable monthly car payment, while putting me into such an amazing car! With my new 1-hour daily commute to work, not only was affordability a prime element towards my selection, but I also needed a car with excellent gas mileage.   My first day with my new 2012 Versa SV, a commute back and forth to work from Cornish to Portland and lots of after work errands yesterday, my Versa barely consumed a quarter of a tank.  My dearly departed and beloved Yellow Submarine (2001  Nissan Xterra) surely would have gone through twice that and more.    

Shane certainly had his work cut out for him, while my companion Roger looked out for my best interests and questioned every last detail.  Shane was always courteous, never showed frustration or ever made us feel unreasonable when we asked a hypothetical or even told him we had to "sleep on it."  Roger and I are both from the old school never to make any big decisions without at least dreaming about it.  So thank your staff for allowing us that old Maine "take your time" mentality and not pressuring us.  Matt in the business office also deserves a medal of honor for the rigors Roger put him through.


Marc, while I haven't yet witnessed customer service with the Parts and Service department, I can tell that you run a very tight ship, and you should be commended for it.  When I was waiting at Shane's table during our first visit, I saw you greet every customer and even mention to your staff that there was a customer out in the lot not receiving any attention.   That told me that every customer matters to you.    I personally was impressed that you took the time to meet me and Roger.  It meant a lot to me to have that attention.  I'm very happy with my new car.  Years ago, after a nasty experience with one of the big dealers in the Portland area during my "married days", I avoided car dealerships like the plague!   When I was on my own and raising the kids, it was difficult to ever replace a car.  I had to try to save money like mad until I could go to a smaller lot and pay cash for something that may or may not last me a few years.  The thought of buying a brand new car to me was a daunting experience, but you and your staff have proven that great customer service still exists!.  You gave me a very fair trade for my beloved Yellow Submarine, and although I had a bit of an anxious moment with separation anxiety leaving it with you, it took me no time to fall in love with my brand new super black 2012 Nissan Versa SV.

Again, thank you and the folks at your dealership for proving that the customer's needs really do rank #1.   Please feel free to use any part of this email in your testimonials.   Sincerely,

Elizabeth Stanhope - Cornish Maine.


Valerie Fecteau Purchased a 2006 Chevy Cobalt Sales Person: Matt Webb

"Excellent experience at Marc Motors. Matt very knowledgeable and helpful. Matt aims to please. So far a great experience. Go on down and see Matt"


Victor Pizzuto Purchased a 2010 Nissan Maxima Sales Person: Kevin Mannette

Thank you for making my car purchase experience with Marc Motors one of integrity and expedition. I have purchased over 15 new cars in my lifetime, and this was as pleasant a transaction as I have ever experienced. I love the Maxima and I will make sure to steer any potential business your way in the future.

Regards Vic.

Esther Gold Purchased a 2010 Nissan Sentra Sales Consultant: Kevin Mannette

Kevin - Courteous, knowledgeable, listener, aware of my concerns, likes and needs. He convinced me to try automatic transmission though I preferred manual. He worked with my financial limits to make the sale possible.

I started coming to Marc Motors for my routine service a couple of years ago, even though I drove a Toyota. The Service Department was recommended by a family member after a very disappointing experience at Prime Toyota. I was pleasantly surprised at your Service Department and continued to your Service Department with my Toyota. I plan to stay with your agency.

It was, and is, easy to do business with Marc Motors. Thank you.

Carmela and Michael Arrigo Vehicle is a 2004 Nissan Sentra

We purchased our Nissan Sentra knowing that we needed a reliable vehicle that would safely take us 140 miles a day. Our car has been economical, as well as, an easy vehicle to maintain.

We kept our service up with our vehicle at Marc Motors and have had nothing but great experiences with the Service Department, managed by Phil Royer. We now have a great mechanic named Jim Dumas who we trust with our 2004 Nissan Sentra. We have made a milestone with our car. We paid off our vehicle and reached 250,000 miles. We look forward to continuing to have our car maintained at Marc Motors and enjoy seeing the entire staff here at Marc Motors.


Christopher Signore * Service Customer

Hello Philip,

I just wanted to tell you again, that I truly appreciate all your help. It's great to know that if I need service for my vehicles, I can bring them to you and trust that the problem is going to be solved. Without Hesitation. I will continue to brag about your service department's fast and friendly service to others. Let me know if yu ever want to visit the Professional Networking group I've started so we can get more business over to you. Thanks again for all that you do. Rock On!

Christopher Signore


Catharine Fox Purchased a 2009 Murano Sales Consultant: Kevin Mannette/Aimee Harris

Marc Motors is by far the most cordial, responsive dealer I have worked with. The Service is outstanding and will not consider sales or service anywhere else. It's always worth the phone call and the hour ride from my home. Thanks to a fun team!

Catharine Fox


Janice Southard * Service Customer

 Thank you Phil / Marc Motors
 An A+ for your effort and result to everyone involved!!!  I have always  purchased my vehicles through a local dealer that recent hard times have  caused them to dissolve. My last auto purchase from them was in 2003. As my autos aged; I was in need of auto relief. Reluctant to trust another dealer yet a strong supporter of local economics; I tried Marc Motors and
this past Summer I purchased a 2009 Wrangler Unlimited Jeep from Marc's. I felt like I got a really good deal. This December's purchase was a challenge well met by your dealership. After online shopping and contemplating an older domestic used work truck, you steered me towards a different auto -Nissan Titan- considering my needs namely plowing and towing. This coupled with my family, thus a King  Cab. Most importantly you All went the extra mile helping me get this new 
vehicle set up! The plow exchange was a bear.
 I feel very fortunate to have pulled in to MM nearing closing time that December evening as Mike Fortier (my old SHS student) and Dan Marshall kept the lights on until I was comfortable with the deal and the "We Owe" slip stipulations. After wards Phil Royer was simply "The Man" With an abundance of positive energy...keeping me abreast with all the countless challenges.  Ethan in Parts was very knowledgeable and aware of the "Fisher" product and Titan challenges. The service tech Ryan Townsend was a pro! He personally walked me through all the hurdles he encountered.

 Thank you again to the Marc Motors team ... Phil, Dan, Mike, Ethan and  Ryan

Mark Camire, Mathematics Department Chair
 University So. Maine Calculus and Statistics Instructor

Angelique MacGregor  Purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Impala  Sales Consultant: Michael Ewerts

I came in after work- not ready to buy a car. The salesman Mike was willing to work with us on a deal- even taking the car overnight to comparison shop. No one could even match the deal or the hospitality offered. They even found a deal for my other car and gave me a better deal and better yet a MUCH better car. Marc Motors has an understanding staff and fantastic deals. They have earned our repeat business.

Angelique R. MacGregor


Mike MacGregor  Purchased a 2008 Suzuki SX4  Sales Consultant: Michael Ewerts

I came in to see what Marc Motors could do for me. My 2001 Ford Supercrew was in rough shape and I couldn't get rid of it because I plow my driveway with it. I was able to buy the Suzuki with no money down at a great price. The sales staff was very helpful and worked hard to get me in this vehicle. But the real trick was convincing my wife, which they did. In fact she also bought a 2011 Chevy the same day.

Mike MacGregor


Joyce Reny  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima  Sales Consultant: Michael Ewerts

Came in for oil change on our last purchased car. Told my husband, ok we are not buying another car, don't even look- Well true story 2 hours later I drove away with a 2012 Altima! Black! Wow! Mike got me to say yes! Not easy to do-

Joyce R. Reny 


Steven R. Reny  Purchased 2012 Nissan Altima  Sales Consultant: Michael Ewerts

This is the 2nd time in Marc Motors and both times purchased a new vehicle for my daughter and wife. The sales people are incredible. They do not pressure you into something you don't want, thats what I like the most. I drove from Biddeford to give them a try and I'm glad I did. They have me as a lifelong customer. My only regret is I didn't come here earlier. Was worth the trip and then some.

Steve R. Reny


Barbara McCabe  Purchased 2009 Chevrolet HHR  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

We got the most helpful salesperson, he went our of his way to help us. He was very pleasant with us. Michael answered all our questions, and Oh Ya! We will tell everyone about our visit to Marc Motors and the way we were treated. God Bless you Michael and Marc Motors.

Barbara McCabe


Janice Southard * Service Customer

My father purchased a new vehicle from you this summer and has been very happy with it and the service. However, yesterday was my first  experience with your service department.  I had a problem with my personal vehicle and had discussed it briefly when I brought my father's car for its first service.  Thursday I called Phil, explained the problem in detail, and he had me bring the vehicle in Friday morning.  I cannot tell you how pleased I was with everyone in your service department, from the time I walked through the door until the time I left.  I was kept posted on what was going on, informed if it was going to take longer than initially thought, asked if I wanted to proceed and then given my options for the repair once they determined the problem.  In my 50 or so years of owning vehicles and having taken them for repairs or general maintenance I have never received the thorough service and personal attention as was given by your staff.  I can't thank you enough and you will continue to have my business, as well as that of my fathers and I have already raved you up to several of my friends.  I spoke with the mechanic who worked on my vehicle before and after and he was very courteous and answered all my questions  You are very fortunate to have a service manager like Phil.  He truly is is people person - very caring, polite and helpful.


 I wish you and your staff a Happy and Safe Holiday!

 Janice Southard

East Waterboro, ME 


Joseph Rutkiewicz  Purchased 2011 Nissan Maxima  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

While having a 2003 Maxima serviced at Marc Motors, Sanford ME, we met salesman Mike. After having many questions answered regarding new (newer) Nissan vehicles, Mike arranged a test drive of a 2011 Maxima. The car was beautiful. Negotiating a price was a rewarding experience. Mike, Shaugn (GM), and even Marc (owner) were attentive to our needs. In the course of an enjoyable 24 hours, we were the proud owners of a new car, and made many "contacts" for future business with an excellent Nissan dealership. Would recommend salesman Mike to any prospective Nissan Buyers.

Joseph Rutkiewick



Carol Boothby  Purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

A friend told me that she took her car to Marc Motors, that she was treated with respect, the person was honest, and the car got fixed; so I decided to look around. While I was browsing, Mick Ewerts asked if anyone was helping me and offered his assistance. I told him what I was looking for, tested a truck that he suggested and decided to buy. It was easy. Paperwork didn't take forever, and Mike even thought about informing the insurance company and called himself. Thanks

Carol Boothby


Benjamin Mosher  Purchased a 2011 Nissan Versa  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Drove in, was just looking. Didn't think I could get a car. Mike helped me with the paperwork process. He told me I could get a car today. He was very helpful and nice. Oh and by the way very funny!

Benjamin Mosher


Carolyn Cusack  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Sentra  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Had an appointment for inspection sticker for 2008 Nissan Rogue SL. While we were waiting , Michael asked if he could help me while I browsed Nissan Versas and Nissan Sentras. Took a 2012 Sentra SL for a test drive ( and stopped for breakfast). Loved the way it handled, so decided to trade in the Rogue. Good experience and look forward to a lasting relationship with Marc Motors.

Carolyn J. Cusack


William Kelley  Sales and Service Customer

I have bought many vehicles over my 50+ years of driving and had experience with many dealers and have never been treated as nice and fairly than I have at Marc Motors. The staff is always personable, and the service has been excellent. My wife and I have bought 2 vehicles from Marc Motors and will definitly continue doing so. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a new or used car or truck.

William E. Kelley


Ruth Ridley & Mickey Robichaud  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Versa  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

We came here to get info on getting our car serviced. After gathering info we asked about option of new/used car. Mike never pressured us, he just offered options. Everyone here was friendly, helpful. Mike never made us feel we had to purchase anything. He and staff were so helpful we bought 2 cars. We even met Marc in person! Marc may not have big flashy adds on TV or catchy sayings BUT he does have a great staff all around. Mike is awesome, I would tell anyone to ask for him. I will use Marc Motors from now on for sales and service.

Ruth M. Ridley


Thomas and Bonnie Kremser  Purchased a 2009 Nissan Murano  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Mike was very nice to work with... showed us a wide selection of vehicles and worked with us to find a very nice vehicle that met our needs.

Thanks Mike!

Thomas R. Kremser


Lynn and Ron Therrien  Purchased a 2010 Nissan Xterra  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

We are very pleased with the customer service. Mike checked in with us consistently to see how Nissan was treating us given our recall. Everyone was straight forward and open minded to our questions and concerns. We felt like we were listened to and respected. Other dealers (Prime Toyota) did not work with us to get us what we needed or were as knowledgeable about their product. Thank you Marc Motors and Mike. We will be back.

Lynn Therrien and Ron Therrien


Ron and Jo-Ann Turner  Purchased a 2011 Nissan Murano  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Stopped at Marc Motors to look at Murano SUV. After looking at several models on the lot we were offered a fair trade-in price for our used vehicle- we were pleased to be driving home in a new Nissan Murano. Mike was very Courteous and professional. All personell were very friendly and courteous.

Jo-Ann Turner



Robert Nutter  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Came in to service my car- felt the car just wasn't worth continuously repairing- issues with the car- 3rd major issue 6 months- wanted to get out from under/cheapest way possible- Introduced to Mike who worked very hard trying to accomodate my wishes. After many discussion- I felt Mike along with Marc's staff did right by me- getting me into a new 2012 Altima- for lowest possible price.

Robert W. Nutter



Lynda Theriault and Donna Palmer  Purchased a 2010 Hyundai Accent  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

We had a great experience at Marc Motors. We had started out looking at vehicles at Prime Toyota but decided to stop a MM's before a decision was made. Mike greeted us with a smile and was very helpful. He worked with us to meet our financial needs not only to get me in a car that I am happy with, but unlike Prime with the 2007 Corolla with 88,000 miles, I left with a 2010 Hyundai with 33,000 miles- Thank you Mike! I will refer you and if I ever need another car, I know where to go. Mike also took me around to meet the very nice people in the service department. Thank you again.

Lynda Theriault


Carole O'Dwyer  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue  Salesperson:Michael Ewerts

This is my second experience at Marc Motors and I just purchased my second Nissan. The people are some of the nicest people you would ever meet. They make you feel very comfortable and at home. Michael Ewerts the salesman was very knowledgeable about the vehicle I purchased- and also very helpful as was Kevin and others we met. I'm sure my next car will be a Nissan and I will buy it at Marc Motors.

Thank you.

Carole O'Dyer


Stephanie Seavey  Purchased a 2010 Nissan Altima  Salesperson: Shane Fenderson

I recently bought a car with Marc Motors and I couldn't be happier! Not only do I love my new vehicle but I was very impressed by the service I received. I work full time in York and it is almost impossible for me to make it in to the dealership let alone do everything that goes along with buying vehicle. My saleperson Shane did everything for me, emailed me cars I may be interested in, talked with the bank and kept in constant contact with me throughout the entire ordeal. Matt was also a tremendous help as well and was extremely flexible around my schedule which was a huge help. They were both phenomenal and incredibly helpful throughout the entire experience. The entire staff at Marc's is wonderful overall and I would be happy to refer anyone I know to buy a car there as well as continue to buy my vehicles there. Thank You all again for all of your help!

Stephanie Seavey


Pauline Mohrmann  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue  Salesperson:Michael Ewerts

I came to Marc Motors for service. I was waiting for my vehicle when Mike introduced himself. I was not interested in purchasing a new vehicle, but agreed to chat with Mike. He was extremely pleasant to deal with and explained things thoroughly and without pressure. After the conversation, it seemed to make sense. I was a bit uncomfortable due to finances, so Kevin Mannette also helped in reassuring me. Thanks, Mike and Kevin. I know that I made the correct decision.

Pauline Mohrmann


Heather Nelson  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Sentra  Salesperson:Nick Iglese/Kevin

I am very happy with my experience in buying my 1st NEW car here. The sales staff listened to what I could afford and what I wanted. When the vehicle I thought I wanted didn't excite me and the 1st car I test drove also didn't excite me, they reevaluated my needs and the features I wanted and took me our to look around until I found the car that excited me. I never felt pressured to pick something that was good enough. I am thrilled with the way the staff worked as a team to help me understand the options and vehicle specifications and how they translate into real world use. Thank you of making this a great experience for me.

Heather Nelson


Sherwood Truman  Purchased a 2010 Chrylsler Town & Country  Salesperson:Michael Ewerts/Kevin

Went to five dealerships before buying from here. In the end they beat all others by $1,500 on the deal... No going back and forth... It was simple.

Sherwood Truman


Louise Caron  Purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze  Salesperson: Laurie Allaire, Aimee Harris and Kevin Mannette

-Sales was A+. Testdrove 2 cars & knew it was the Cruze. Friendly staff really went out of their way to make sure I was happy. Showroom is clean & comfortable. Keep up the good work

L. Caron


Frances E. Norton  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Juke

Marc Motors in Sanford has done it once again!

On August 13,2008 I sent you a letter congratulating Marc Motors on their wonderful example of how a auto dealership should work and once again I feel compelled to write you, telling of my new and recent experience.  In the almost three years since my earlier letter and car purchase, I have taken my Nissan Cube aptly named "Cubie" back to Marc Motors, for my oil changes, etc., just because of the wonderful service I receive.

Near the end of January 2012, I decided to purchase another car, so back to Marc Motors I went without a thought about "shopping around" - I knew that I would be treated fairly and that once again Marc Motors would come through for me.  Kevin welcomed me and I knew I was at the right place - and he brought Shane, a new member of the Marc Motors family, into my life.

I was interested in a Nissan Juke, Shane whisked one around the parking lot, and after we sat in it for awhile, so he could show me how all the stuff in the cabin worked, we took it for a ride and I bonded.  This would be my auto, and I quickly named it "Otto" (play on words).

Shane walked me through all of Otto's bells and whistles and told me to come back to him when I was ready to learn more about the features. (Heater, defroster, horn, lights and windshield washers, were about all I could handle that first day). You gotta remember I'm a little 'ol 87 year old lady and all this new stuff is hard for me to sort out. There is 60 years between Shane and me, but our love for the Juke put us on the same playing field, and that was just great! He said he would teach me how to operate all the other gadgets and in no time I would get it all.

I really feel like family whenever I go to Marc Motors.  Kevin, Matt, Aimee, Shawn and Ethan are the first sales group of car people that I really trusted.  Dr. Phil was Cubie's doctor and somtime during the three years of ownership, Dr. Ken also came into Cubie's life.  Dr. Phil and Dr. Ken are now Otto's doctors, and both of them make me feel that I am in a secure and trustworthy car.  And Shane - his work ethic, honesty, integrity and his gentleness will serve him well.  He made me feel very important - that our relationship bonded even if he had not sold me my car.  Oops, I don't want to forget to mention Marc - on Saturday I met him - recognized him from seeing him on TV. He very quietly appears to know just what a wonderful group of people he has in his employ.  I would just guess that he is the greatest guy to work for!

It takes a long time for me to put a lot of mileage on a car, so I'm thinking that Otto and I will grow old together.  This will probably be the last car I will purchase and knowing that Marc Motors will be servicing and maintaining my car is a very "warm fuzzy".

I end this letter with the last pararaph of my earlier letter (8/13/09).  "Marc Motors is fortunate to have such wonderful people working for them. Nissan is fortunate to have Marc Motors in Sanford as a dealership. And hats off to Nissan for a great little car!"

Fran Norton


Carolyn Polazzi  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Sentra  Salesperson:Shane Fenderson

Shane was very helpful in taking care of my previous car it was in the garage. I was waiting for the car part which took 3 days for the garage to get. My old car was 2001 Kia Rio. I know it was going to not be dependable. My girlfriend and hairdresser suggested me going to Marc Motors. She had nothing but good things to say about Marc Motors. I totally agree. Shane has been very helpful answering all my questions. Showing me how everything works. I am very satisfied. He introduced me to everyone. Everyone is very helpful and very cheerful here. I feel they are all helpful where ever you ask for a question, or even a problem they will be here for me, and they also told me that!

Carolyn F. Polazzi


 Juliette Bishop  Purchased a 2008 Chevrolet HHR  Salesperson:Michael Ewerts 

My son and I came looking for a car and I got a great deal from Michael Ewerts. I was very happy and bought a great HHR- & Mr. Ewerts was very good salesman, and gave us a great buy.


Sarah & Lloyd Small  Purchased a 2010 Hyundai Elantra  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

We are so pleased with the entire car-buying experience! We were referred to Prime in Saco as as to Marc Motors. This was our first and last stop. Michael listened to us and recommended a car to us that fit our needs & wants, that fit our budget. Everyone was courteous, pleasant, and friendly. We will definitely tell everyone we know to make Marc Motors THEIR first & last stop too! Thank you Michael and the Marc Motors team.

Sarah L. Small

Lloyd E. Small


 Joseph & Connie Gregoire  Purchased a 2010 Nissan Maxima  Salesperson: Nick Inglese

Nick our salesperson was very nice and polite. Would deal with him again. The service is great. Hope if we have an issue that they will be as efficient. Everyone seems very nice.

Joseph & Connie Gregoire



Tim Beals  Purchased a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder  Salesperson:  Nick Inglese

Good Experience, polite & professional. Made for a great deal.

Tim Beals


Patrick Cloutier  Purchased a 2012 Altima  Salesperson: Nick Inglese

Marc Motors has given me the best deal from any other dealer I've dealt with.

Patrick Cloutier


Jen Parenteau & Mike MacDonald  Purchased a 2010 Nissan Altima  Salesperson: Shane Fenderson

Our experience has been wonderful. We worked with Shane, Matt & Marc personally and they listened to everything we wanted. We will absolutely be back to purchase our next car. Can't beat the service!

Thank you!

Jennifer Parenteau


Lisa Caplette  Purchased a 2009 Chevy Malibu  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

The greatest buying experience ever!! Mike Ewerts was able to explain options to me in a way I could understand in light of our recent bankruptcy. He really took his time and did not show any frustration with me and my undecisiveness. He realled worked to get my business and future business, which I will deffinitely return for.

The financing was the easiest thing ever. No complications. Mike actually followed me to my house to get my husbands signatures. Such an enjoyable and easy process. The rest of the staff was very nice as well and introduced themselves as they walked by. 110% customer satisfied. A great experience I will talk about.

Lisa M. Caplette


Shirley Nemet  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Maxima  Salesperson: Rick Cormier

After 8 years and 3 vehicles with Marc Motors I am still very happy! Great team here in all aspects! Thank you! Have a great summer.


Shirley Nemet


Laurianne Kimball  Purchased a 2009 Saturn Vue  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Michael was a wonderful person to deal with, he worked very hard to get us into a car. We are both pleased to have met him, and will highly recommend him to others.

Laurianne Kimball


Nicole Avery  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Sentra  Salesperson: Danny Marshall

The service here is great. Everyone is so helpful. This is a very stress free way to purchase a vehicle. They take care of everything for you, plus the deals can't be beat. DANNY ROCKS!

Nicole Avery


Ronald Herring  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Frontier  Salesperson: Nick Inglese

Overall a good experience. I was treated warmly and respectfully. I appreciate the "no hassle" sales approach. Nick was helpful and friendly as were all the salespeople in the dealership. I am hopeful and looking forward to having Marc Motors maintain my new Frontier.

Ronald Herring


Nancy Green  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Murano  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

My husband and I had a very pleasant experience purchasing this car. Mike Ewerts was very attentative and answered all of our questions. He was very accomodating and let us try out a used Murano overnight. When we struggled in deciding which used Murano was the best choice, Mike was very patient and gave us the latitude we needed without undue pressure. When we finally started thinking about a new Murano, he did all he could to help us make the right decision. He followed up with phone calls as promised and ended up making a very reasonable proposal that sealed the deal for us. We also were very pleased with how we were treated by other sales people, Matt Webb, Phil Royer, and the owner Marc. Everyone was very professional, courteous and helpful, and kept us at ease throughout the process.

We are very happy with the Murano we settled on, and are confident we will be happy for years to come.

Thanks Mike, Marc, and the rest of the Marc Motors Team.

Nancy Green


Robert & Amy Emmons  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima  Salesperson: Mike Horn

Kevin, Mike and Marc were a complete joy to work with. They went the extra mile, and then some to get me into the car I wanted. We bought a brand new Nissan Rogue last month, and with the incredible customer service we received we will be back for another vehicle. I have never dealt with a more professional sales staff.

My wife and I are Marc Motors customers for life.

Robert Emmons

Amy Emmons


Christopher Simeoni  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue  Salesperson:Michael Ewerts

We were impressed with Mr. Ewert's professionalism. Very pleasant and helpful. No pressure and very accomodating. We felt comfortable from the start. He was very understanding with our strict schedule. Thank You!

Christopher Simeoni


Michae A. Dore  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Frontier  Salesperson:Nick Inglese

We came in looking at trucks. We has Nick for a salesman. Our second time here to buy another vehicle. The people are friendly and Nice was great at getting the sale. Good job Nick. We will be back in the near future to buy again.

Michael A. Dore


Bill Waters  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

We bought a Kia Soul and within 2 weeks became very unhappy with it. Came into Marc Motors  and Mike took an interest in fixing the problem. Mike took the time, showed my wife and me a few cars, listened to our comments on each and came to understand our needs. Mike showed respect and courtesy I found refreshing. I would recommend Mike and Marc Motors to anyone wanting a great car buying experience.

William R. Walters


Ralph Morrell  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Frontier  Salesperson: Rick Cormier

This is my sixth vehicle purchase from Marc Motors. Every time the sales staff has exceeded my expectations. This experience was the same and more. The common theme, as always, has been to provide a positive atmosphere for the customer.

Thanks to Shaugn, Kevin and Rick!


Paula Gagnon  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue  Salesperson: Michael Ewerts

Michael was personable, knowledgeable and sincere. He was respective of my time while being friendly and interested in my needs as a car buyer. The dealership has my trust and I am a returning customer (multiple times). Michael was new to the dealership (in the past year) and already fits into their ethics, honesty and great customer service.

He makes the car shopping experience a pleasure!

Paula Gagnon


Norm Cheever  Purchased a 2012 Nissan Titan  Salesperson: Nick Inglese

 Today I bought my 5th Nissan (4 currently in the family). Marc Motors beat the competition in price once again!!!

I feel I got a very good deal. Salesforce including Nick was a pleasure to work with.

It was a nice experience! I will gladly recommend Marc Motors to others!

Norm Cheever

Valerie Page Purchased a 2013 Nissan Versa Sales Consultant: Paul Anderson

Cynthia Markezich Customer Testimonial

Nancy Seavey Long Time Customer Sales Consultant: Laurie Allaire

Susan Ottey Purchased A Nissan Rogue and Titan. Sales Consultant: Paul Anderson

Gene and Tammy Paquet Purchased a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. Sales Consultant: Paul Anderson



Patricia Allain Purchased a Nissan Sentra Sales Consultant: Joe Gahagan

Mandi Demers Purchased a Chrysler Pacifica Sales Person: Danny Marshall

Raymond Delisle Purchased a Nissan Xterra Sales Person: Paul Anderson

Gordon Kirby Purchased a Chevy Cobalt Sales Person: Michael Horn